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new from overnight, north korea signals a change in command after the death of kim jong-il. now how the loss of that leader could change u.s. relations with that communist country. and the unsettled payroll tax deal in congress that could have more money coming out of your check in the very near future. good morning. i'm angie goff. >> good morning. i'm joe krebs. eun yang has the day off. welcome to "news 4 today." it's monday, the 19th day of december. taking a live look outside, we have cold temperatures. 34 degrees. >> tom's here. >> good morning. >> to tell us about the weather. we saw a lot of frost on the ground this morning. i hear there might be a little bit of a warmup on the way. >> there is. by midweek, we may hit the upper 50s, near 60 degrees. it does feel like it's going to be feeling wintry cold by the weekend. now we're down. right now at reagan national, it's 29 degrees. we've got a southsouthwesterly
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breeze under a clear sky. elsewhere, down into the low and mid-20s throughout most of west virginia, virginia, maryland, and the eastern shore. montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and prince george's counties in the low and mid-20s now. under a clear sky, we'll have lots of sun this morning. by midday, we'll have it warming up nicely into the mid-40s. above freezing by 9:00. a lot of sun into early afternoon and clouding up by late afternoon. sunrise at 7:22. sunset at 4:49. a look at your evening planner coming up in about ten minutes. here's a look at the monday traffic. good morning, danella. >> good morning. if you're traveling along 295 we'll take a look together. i'll show you a live camera. i'm not seeing any issues on bw parkway in maryland. here's a look at maryland 32. no issues there at all as you're traveling along bw parkway. if you're traveling along i-270 southbound making your way towards montrose road, still seeing construction further ahead. they're looking at a sign in
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that area, and it's taking up the left side of the roadway. i was last told that only the right lane is getting by as you make your way southbound towards the spur. they're open so far with no delays on the metro, marc, or vre. this morning north korea in a state of mourning after leader kim jong-il died. now there are more indications his son kim jong eun will succeed his father. a news agency called him, quote, a great successor to the agency's guiding principle of self-reliance. yesterday state media announced the 69-year-old leader died of heart failure while on a train on saturday. kim's funeral is set for a week from wednesday, december 28th. north korea will hold a national mourning period from now until december 29th. meanwhile, asian stocks tumbled today. south korea's kospi index dropped nearly 5% before recouping its losses to end 3%
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down. japan's nikkei and hong song's hang seng agencies fell about 1.25%. u.s. futures are up. right now the united states is looking for any signs of instability. u.s. officials say they may postpone decisions of reengaging the talk in nuclear talks and providing it with food aid. officials say the united states is concerned about any changes that kim's death might spark in the military postures of north and south korea. the white house has issued a statement saying, "we are in close touch with our allies in south korea and japan and remain committed to stability on the korean peninsula and to the freedom and security of our allies." today the military hearing will resume for the army private accused of spilling secrets to wikileaks. yesterday lawyers for bradley manning argued that his
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supervisor should have seen enough red flags to revoke his access to secret information. they cited at least two instances in which manning flew into violent fits of rage and said he suffered from a gender identity crisis. manning could face life in prison if convicted at a court martial. iranian state tv released video of what they're claiming is an american spy sent to infiltrate iran's intelligence services. the video identifies the man as amir igrati. in the video, it says the man graduated from american high school in 2001, served in the army and trained in languages and espionage. iran has frequently announced the arrest of supposed informants accused of spying on their nuclear program. the cia has not commented on the video. a payroll tax extension could be in jeopardy on capitol hill as the house prepares to vote tonight on the latest proposal.
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e-mails obtained by nbc news from gop leadership expect a vote on the senate bill to be held tonight, where it will fail. the current proposal extends the tax holiday for two more months as well as long-term unemployment insurance. it also gives president obama more time to decide on the fate of the keystone oil pipeline. house republicans say a short term fix is not the solutions america wants. >> how can you do tax policy for two months? we really do believe it's time for the senate to work with the house to complete our business for the year. >> house speaker john boehner has suggested the house should vote to call a conference between the house and senate to negotiate a plan that would extend the payroll tax cut for a full year instead of just two months. now, if a deal is not worked out, payroll taxes would go up starting january 1st. employee bonuses are just one of the things on the table as virginia governor bob mcdonnell unveils his first
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two-year budget this morning. a 3% bonus for state workers. the government will boost higher education spending by $230 million and give the state's an underfunded pension system a $2.2 billion infusion. however, it's clear whether he will push employees to contribute to their pensions. maryland governor martin o'malley will unveil his plan today for sustainable growth in his state. it's called plan maryland, and he commits the state's financial resources to building up zones that are already developed or trying to leave rural areas rural. however, the proposal already faces opposition from local leaders in rural areas and claim it prevents him from making decisions on a local level. a prince george's county family is devastated after learning a police officer shot and killed one of their relatives. it happened late saturday night in the 7500 block of greenleaf road. police say an officer was on duty in an unmarked car when he
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saw a man rodney edwards lying on the ground. edwards pointed a gun at the officer. the officer shot and killed edwards. but edwards' family doesn't believe that's what happened. they're loorbging for answers. >> we want to know why he was shot, what he was doing, and even though, why would you shoot somebody so small five times -- you know what i'm saying? five times, and we still can't get an answer to what's going on. >> police confirmed to news 4 they did recover a gun from the scene. this is the 15th police involved shooting in prince george's county this year. a new record. today the coast guard will resume its search for a missing boater on the chesapeake bay. he was last seen on saturday when his boat capsized near sandy point state park. rescuers already pulled two other people from the water over the weekend. a 40-year-old man was taken to the hospital. he died a short time later. a 25-year-old woman is being
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treated for hypothermia. she is expected to survive. our time just about 5:08. the key endorsement mitt romney is getting with weeks
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our time right now is 5:10. we have 35 degrees outside. cold on this monday morning. here's tom kierein in stormcenter 4. >> good morning. starting off cold this morning under a clear sky. temperatures are down into the 20s throughout much of the region. but thankfully, we don't have much wind. and by 9:00 we should be into the mid-30s with lots of sun. the sunrise this morning is at 7:22. it will still be mostly sunny around noontime. it will be in the mid-40s by then. during the afternoon we'll have
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increasing clouds coming in from the west as an area of low pressure is developing in the plains and will begin to sweep east. we'll have it mostly turning cloudy by around 5:00 or so. by then we'll be down into the upper 40s after we reach maybe the low 50s for a brief time by around 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon. then this evening under a cloudy sky, temperatures not as chilly. sunset at 4:49. by midevening down into the mid-40s, and then by midnight should be down to the low 40s. and then starting off tomorrow morning in the 30s. but most areas on tuesday morning should be above freezing. we'll look at the possibility for some rain. that will be coming up later this week. and we'll look at the christmas holiday weekend too coming up in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? >> good morning. if you're taking the trip around the beltway, seeing a lot of green. we'll check travel speeds. let's start with the outer loop at georgia avenue, you're at 62 miles per hour. not so bad. traveling on the inner loop,
5:12 am
looking good at 50, you're at 64 miles per hour. on the inner loop prince george's county, route 5 right here, 65 miles per hour. outer loop you're clear as well. continuing on the inner loop crossing over the wilson bridge, i'm not seeing any issues for you. we'll take a live look. volume is light in both directions as you make your way away. time is 5:12. it wasn't a prank. it wasn't a protest. in fact, it was a tribute to a football player. how this praying pose -- we've got a shot of it -- got two high
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this morning surveillance video could help police catch two thieves in logan circle. two men walked in and grabbed several items and ran out without paying. it happened yesterday afternoon at the universal gear store on 14th street in northwest washington, about $1,500 worth of merchandise was taken. today three virginia people appeared in court for trying to base jump off of a tv antenna tower. this happened last thursday night in arlington. five people climbed the weta tower, and one woman jumped off before police were called. the woman got stuck in a tree
5:17 am
and then fell and suffered serious injuries. all five are charged with trespassing. there's no word on the condition of the woman that was injured. the man accused of trying to assassinate president barack obama will be back for a detention hearing. a judge ruled he is competent to stand trial without any more evaluations. prosecutors asked for more extensive tests, but a judge denied the request. a preliminary psychiatric screening already found ortega hernandez competent. he is accused of firing an assault rifle at the white house last month. president obama was out of town at the time. now to decision 2012. republican presidential hopeful mitt romney is expected to pick up another endorsement today. nbc news confirms that illinois republican senator mark kirk will formally endorse romney. he's the highest ranking republican elected in illinois. illinois will hold its
5:18 am
presidential primary on march 20th. other presidential candidates like rick perry and michel michele bachmann are crisscrossing iowa on bus tours. she did take time off the campaign trail to talk to nbc's david gregory about the nation's debt on "meet the press." >> we're acting like greece and like italy. that's what people are frustrated with. they want us to act like a first world nation, not like what president barack obama is doing. he's acting like we're a banana republic. we've got to get our act together and stop spending money we don't have. >> most republican candidates are doubling efforts in iowa before christmas and new year's, when voters turn out. the iowa caucuses are january 3rd. a new report says several power plants in virginia and west virginia could soon be shut down because of new federal air pollution regulations. the report by the associated press found 32 older coal fired
5:19 am
power plants around the country could be forced to close by new rules put into place last week. five of those plants are in virginia, including one in x alexandria. three plants in west virginia would be shut down. industry experts say the shutdowns would not lead to blackouts. today the national zoo will announce a major gift to fund the giant panda program for three more years. david rubenstein is donating $3.5 million to the panda reproduction program. earlier the zoo signed a $2.5 million agreement with china to keep the pandas here. the agreement stipulated that one or both pandas could be traded with others if they cannot breed. two new york high school students have been suspended for honoring or mocking broncos quarterback tim tebow. they were suspended for tebow-ing, imitating the qb's signature pose of kneeling and praying. the school suspended them for
5:20 am
organizing what they call several kneel-downs. officials say the stunts created a potential safety hazard. tebow commented on the incident saying, while it is funny, it's important to respect authority. you can expect to get hit when you're on a football field, but you'd expect that hit to come from another football player, not a runaway golf cart. that's exactly what happened at cowboys stadium this weekend right after a high school football game. you can see the electric cart with no driver motoring down the field. actually, we saw somebody in the cart trying to stop it obviously. it plowed into a cluster of people at midfield. several people were injured, including the winning coach. unclear, what caused that cart to malfunction. the redskins are playing for pride at this point in the season. washington has been eliminated from the playoff picture. they can still play the role of spoiler. washington and the new york giants combined for five interceptions in the game. the skins were up 17-3 in the third quarter. the giants were trying to mount
5:21 am
a comeback, but eli manning is picked off by deangelo hall. take another look at this amazing one handed grab. there it goes. the redskins hold on to win 23-10, and they're now 5-9 on the season. next week they're back at home against the minnesota vikings. the ravens also played an ugly game against the san diego chargers. ravens quarterback joe flacco struggled early and often, throwing for just 226 yards and two interceptions. baltimore falls 34-14. they play at home against cleveland next week. it looks like we are going to have a cold but perhaps a comfortable start to our work week. is that right, tom? >> comfortable if you're wearing about four layers. that's the way to stay warm this morning. thankfully, we don't have
5:22 am
much wind, but it is cold. much of the region low to mid-20s. frederick, maryland, 23 right now. elsewhere, generally mid and upper 20s montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's counties. away from the waters in the 20s throughout the region. also the low 20s in the mountains. our sky has cleared out. high pressure over the region, just a few high clouds drifting across northern west virginia into the central and southern shenandoah valley. throughout the day, we'll have plenty of sunshine, and temperatures will be climbing quickly. above freezing by 9:00. by noontime, mid-40s. mostly cloudy by this afternoon with highs reaching near 50 degrees. cloudy tonight, 40s through the evening. mid-50s by dawn on tuesday. cloudy tomorrow. a small chance of a sprinkle on tuesday and a likelihood of rain off and on tuesday.
5:23 am
morning lows 30s. might get some rain likely for christmas eve, and on christmas day partly sunny. mid-40s on both days on the weekend. danella, good morning. how's traffic? good news on southbound i-270. construction happening overnight. still seeing a bit of crowding as you make your way to montrose road, but the good news is the sign repair work has been completed. you should have all your lanes completed as you head southbound towards the spur. traveling i-95 in virginia, this is the view at fairfax county parkway. getting busy, but no major delays as you head north. southbound on i-95 in virginia, no major issues. traveling northbound, here's the view at backlick road. from occoquan river bridge to the beltway, right now at 63 miles per hour. angie, that trip only takes 11 minutes. >> danella, thank you. a traffic alert for drivers in northern virginia. you could run into road blocks if you are using the dulles toll road tonight. vdot plans to close the eastbound lanes of the toll road approaching the capital beltway
5:24 am
to prepare for a traffic shift. the cones will be put in place at 9:30 tonight, and the highway won't be reopened until tuesday at 5:00 a.m. when the overnight work is completed, the eastbound lanes will be restored to preconstruction conditions ahead of schedule. d.c. taxicabs could get a major upgrade after all. today d.c. mayor vincent gray and d.c. council member mary chay will announce a bill with sweeping changes to cabs in the district. it would announce mandatory credit card readers and pay by phone options. also panic buttons for drivers and passengers to use during emergencies. the proposal comes after the d.c. taxicab commission passed a fare hike without much service improvements. before the hike goes into effect, there must be another public hearing before commissioners take their final vote. if you're one of the 5 million people expected to travel in the next two weeks, there are ways to make it a little less stressful. experts suggest doing little
5:25 am
things to make sure you can move along quickly through the airport. keep your pockets emptied to get through the new scanning machines faster. book your seats online as airlines will bump those without assigned seats first. experts stress being prepared for anything will help out in the long run. >> do anything along the way, the better equipped you are to deal with situations as they come up. be prepared for wrenches being thrown in your plans. >> another tip, make sure you have your airline's 1-800 number programmed in your phone just in case you run into any problems. >> those charities that provide emergency services like food and shelter are seeing a drop in donations as more people look to them for help. the nonprofit search collaborative found donations of food, cash, and other materials are flat or dropped for most nonprofits in 2011. many food pantries and shelters cut their service because of so much demand and not enough
5:26 am
donations. however, the study did find an increase in contributions to large charities. bargain shoppers, you may want to check groupon for last-minute holiday deals. they're offering a $10 credit to the first 150,000 people who buy a local groupon by christmas eve. the ceo of groupon says it's a symbolic gesture to show people they can both save money and support local businesses. u.s. postal service is warning people about getting e-mails, referring to package deliveries. those e-mails may contain a virus, the postal service says. officials say some customers are receiving e-mails about an attempted or intercepted package delivery. when you click on the link, it installs a virus that can steal personal information. officials say just to delete that e-mail. if you have any questions, you can contact the postal inspection service, which is working to shut down the e-mail virus. time right now 5:26. coming up, the overnight coming up, the overnight developments in north korea
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new from overnight, north korea moves quickly to announce plans of new leadership after the death of dictator kim jong-il. >> and a bit of good news for your monday morning commute. the road opening today that could ease traffic for d.c., maryland, and virginia drivers. good morning. i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm angie goff, in for eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" on this monday, december 19th, 2011. surprise, we're waking up to another cold start this morning. feels like 30 degrees out there, would you say? >> it's another frigid start. strange things happen -- it seems like only two hours ago, i said have a great weekend. what the heck happened? how it's monday again already. we're all so busy running around and the time flies. welcome back to monday. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein. right now at reagan national, it's a cold 29 degrees. we've got thankfully a very light breeze under a clear sky.
5:31 am
the winter constellations are twinkling. we had had temperatures down into the low to mid-20s throughout most of the region from the mountains all the way to the atlantic beaches. it is a freezing start this morning. the only place above freeze sg annapolis at 33. a little bit of a breeze coming off the bay. we'll be cold and stay below freezing until 8:00 this morning. overall, quite sunny. sunrise at 7:22. by noontime, high clouds drifting in from the west. probably mostly cloudy by late afternoon. before then, ought to hit the low 50s and upper 40s by early to midafternoon. look at your evening planner in ten minutes. danella, how's our morning traffic? let's start with the beltway in maryland. right now at colesville road getting a little volume. hitting on the outer loop. no major delays just yet. inner loop looks good as well. no delays, no accidents. traveling on the beltway at virginia. this is the view from gw parkway. busy in both directions. traveling at a really good
5:32 am
travel speed. no delays. definitely no accidents in virginia either. if you're traveling in d.c., this is the view at new york avenue at north capitol street. nice and clear this morning. if you're taking the rails, have a minor delay. marc train penn south number 403 your delay is just six minutes. no reported delays on the metro or vre. >> thank you, danella. north korea is in a state of flux this morning after north korean leader kim jong-il died. more indications his son kim jong eun will succeed his father. tracie potts is live on capitol hill with more on kim jong-il's death and what is next for that country. tracie? >> reporter: good morning. his youngest son who is in his 20s is listed as the lead of the commission, the funeral commission, which seems to indicate he may take over. he has certainly been groomed for it. kim jong-il died on saturday, we
5:33 am
believe of a heart attack. great mental and physical strain confirmed by an autopsy. the biggest concern is security. what happens with south korea, what happens with stability in that region. overnight at midnight, president obama was on the phone with south korean president lee reaffirming a commitment, the white house says, to our ally and stability in the region. there were decisions to be made in the u.s. this week on food aid and talks about north korea's nuclear program. those very likely, we're told by the administration, will be put off. our national security teams in touch with south korea are now on high alert, watching very carefully, the 1.2 million person army just to the north of them. this may actually set back efforts to talk about north korea's nuclear program if, in fact, his son, kim jong eun comes into power, as some analysts have said, trying to prove himself, not wanting to be
5:34 am
perceived as weak by talking about bringing down or ramping down that nuclear program. so lots of questions left here as north korea loses its leader of 17 years. joe? >> tracie potts reporting live. tracie, thanks so much. asian stocks tumbled today on this news. south korea's kospi index dropped 5% before recouping some of its losses to end at 3.5% down. japan's nikkei and hong kong's hang seng indices both fell about 1.25%. right now u.s. futures are up. there's no vacation for congress just yet as they continue to grapple with a bill that would extend payroll tax breaks. e-mails obtained by nbc news from gop leadership say that they expect a vote on the senate bill to be held tonight, where it will fail. that proposal extends the tax holiday for two more months as well as long-term unemployment insurance. it also gives president obama more time to decide on the fate of the keystone oil pipeline,
5:35 am
but house republicans say it's nothing more than a short-term fix. >> two months is just kicking the can down the road. the american people are tired of it. frankly, i'm tired of it. >> house speaker john boehner has suggested the house should vote to call a conference between the house and senate to negotiate a plan that would extend the payroll tax cut for a full year instead of just two months. if a deal is not worked out, payroll taxes would go up january 1st. an investigation into home loans reveals that four u.s. house members got discounted deals from a loan company. investigators say that four members got discounts from countrywide loan corporation, now owned by bank of america. countrywide used its discount program to build relationships with public officials who could then in turn help the company. the house ethics committee will investigate the corruption claim. soon bus riders in montgomery county will have new and improved buses.
5:36 am
today montgomery county leaders will celebrate the purchase of a dozen new environmentally friendly buses for the ride on transit fleet. the company purchased 12 electric hybrid buses and one clean diesel bus using $1.5 million in funds from the investment recovery act. drivers coming into downtown washington will cross a new bridge. crews opened the first span of the new 11th street bridge to traffic yesterday. drivers from interstate 295 can now use the new span to get into the downtown area. this week a second new span will open for outbound drivers. when that happens, drivers will no longer be able to access mlk avenue or hope road from 295 for a few months. a third span will open by this time next year. when the bridge project is complete, drivers on the southeast/southwest freeway will be able to get on the northbound lanes of i-295 without having to get off onto pennsylvania
5:37 am
avenue. the fbi apparently needs a new headquarters building, and the officials in maryland hope the agency will move to prince george's county. maryland senator ben cardin has been working behind the scenes to try to make that happen, but virginia and the district are also expected to compete for a new location. the agency has been based at the j. edgar hoover building in downtown washington for the past 37 years. the agency is looking for an updated building to carry out its expanded counterterrorism and cyber crime missions. the fbi estimates the new headquarters would cost $1.2 billion and will be completed in 2020. today d.c. residents can hear firsthand about the city's snow removal plans for this winter. the department of public works director william holland will testify in a public round table meeting at the city council chamber. last winter was a tough one for d.c. the city got 30 inches of snow in just a few days. public works officials were
5:38 am
criticized for not removing the snow quickly enough. the meeting is expected to begin at 11:00 in the morning. the
5:39 am
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5:41 am
our time right now is 5:41 as we take a live look, a lovely look at the skyline out there in the nation's capital. beautiful day. let's go to tom for a look at our forecast >> looks pleasant, but it's not. it's a very clear morning. heading off to work and school on this monday morning, the 19th of december. right now much of the region in the low to mid-20s under a clear sky. just a few clouds drifting over the shenandoah valley. and over the last 12 hours, high pressure in place giving us a clear overnight hour. now getting a few clouds central and northern shenandoah valley drifting into the metro area over another hour or so. no precipitation from those clouds. right now we're in the 20s. but by 9:00 ought to be above freezing. by noontime mid-40s.
5:42 am
near 50 during the afternoon with increasing clouds. cloudy tonight. down into the low 40s by midnight. a look at the rest of the week into the weekend at 5:51. danella, how's traffic? we're picking up volume in our area, especially if you're crossing the american legion bridge taking the outer loop getting pretty busy. inner loop getting busy as well. no major delays just yet. traveling on i-56, here's the view at fairfax county parkway as you head east. here's where i'm seeing the volume. no accidents ins the beltway in either direction. volume is pretty light just now. i'll give you a travel speed eastbound from the beltway to gw parkway at 56 miles per hour. that trip only taking 11 minutes at this time. angie and joe, back to you. >> danella, thanks. time right now 5:42. still ahead the winter weather in the forecast that could snarl holiday travel plans. >> and don't know what to get [ dog barking ] mom!
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twitter is getting a major cash infusion thanks to a saudi prince of the the billionaire and his investment company are investing $300 million in the social media site. the saudi prince says twitter, which allows users to send short messages over the internet s a promising high growth business. twitter was instrumental in connecting protesters during this year's arab spring uprisings. the prince is also a major shareholder in citigroup, apple, and rupert murdoch's news corporation. now to decision 2012, republican presidential hopeful mitt romney is expected to pick up another endorsement today. nbc news confirms that illinois senator mark kirk will formally endorse romney. kirk is the highest ranking republican elected in illinois. illinois will hold its presidential primary on march the 20th. other presidential candidates
5:47 am
like rick perry and michele bachmann are entering the homestretch in iowa with bus tours. bachmann is on a ten-day bus tour through nine counties. she spoke with david gregory on "meet the press" yesterday about the nation's debt. >> we're acting like greece and italy. that's what people are frustrated with. they want us to act like a first world nation, not like president barack obama is doing. he's acting like we're a banana republic. we've got to get our act together and stop spending money we don't have. >> most candidates are redoubling their efforts between christmas and new year's, when voters will turn out. iowa caucuses are january 3rd. republican officials in iowa are taking new steps to ensure vote counting systems after receiving a mysterious threat to its computers. a video claiming to be from computer hackers denounced a corrupt political system and called on supporters to
5:48 am
peacefully shut down the january 3rd caucuses. investigators are not sure whether the video is authentic. the gop instructed caucuses to use paper ballots as a backup system. today three daredevils from virginia will appear in court. they're accused of trying to base jump from a tv antenna tower. last thursday night three people climbed the weta tower in arlington. one woman jumped off and landed in a tree, got stuck, and fell. she suffered serious injuries. all five were charged with trespassing. no word on the condition of the woman who was injured. today the man accused of trying to assassinate president barack obama will be back in federal court for a detention hearing. on friday a judge rules oscar ortega hernandez is competent to stand trial without any more mental health evaluations. prosecutors asked for additional tests, but a judge denied the request.
5:49 am
a preliminary psychiatric screening already found ortega hernandez is competent. he is accused of firing an assault rifle at the white house last month. president obama was out of town at the time. police in central maine are looking for a missing toddler. a 20-month-old went missing between friday and saturday. her father says she was last seen in her crib on friday night but is missing on saturday morning. a number of agencies are working together to try to find the little girl. officials say they're not ruling anything out at this stage. this morning a 13-year-old girl shares her story when she called 911 while two men broke into her home. >> i'm 13 years old, and i don't know what to do. i'm in my room upstairs. i saw someone looking through my drawers downstairs. >> chloe simington stayed on the phone with the 911 operator when she hid under her bed in her suburban detroit home. she kept her cool, even when the robbers came into her bedroom. with her help, police were able to arrest two 19-year-old men as they were leaving the home.
5:50 am
coming up on the "today" show, chloe will share her story. you can watch it here on nbc 4 beginning at 7:00 this morning. the death toll continues to rise after a devastating storm slammed the philippines this weekend. right now more than 700 people were killed when tropical storm washi blew through the southern part of that country. the storm caused massive floods and mud slides. about 45,000 people have been displaced so far. secretary of state hillary clinton released a statement saying the united states government is ready to help. a major winter storm aimed at the southwestern great plains could cause major disruptions to early holiday travel. blizzard conditions are expected this afternoon in parts of new mexico, texas, oklahoma, kansas, and colorado. the storm could leave up to 18 inches of snow in some parts of the country. forecasters say the storm will linger in the plains through tomorrow afternoon then head right for the northeast. wow. >> will it hit us?
5:51 am
that's the question. >> big question. >> the key word was the northeast. >> right. but we could be seeing some rain as a result? >> does look like for us it's going to be a rain system on wednesday. during the week, it's going to be turning colder. between now and then, we'll be warming up. good morning. i'm meteorologist tom kierein starting off this monday morning cold under a clear sky. reagan national at 29 degrees. we've got a very gentle breeze out of the south/southwest, and it is rather dry. you need your skin lotion. we'll have this dry condition continue throughout the rest of the day today. it will start turning more humid by later tonight and into tomorrow. and the temperatures, yes, we're not alone. elsewhere, it's down into the low and mid-20s throughout much of virginia, west virginia, and maryland. eastern shore right now down into the upper 20s. this clear sky is going to be with us here throughout the morning hours. then during the afternoon we'll have increasing clouds coming in from the west.
5:52 am
that will be coming in from the storm system beginning to take shape to our west. right now a few high clouds coming into the midwest. we have a few drifting across our area, northern virginia, and the shenandoah valley. that will be drifting over the district the next couple of hours or so. sunrise at 7:22. we may have a colorful sunrise with the clouds drifting through. sunny after that. we'll finally get above freezing at midmorning. by noontime, mid-40s. during the afternoon, we ought to hit around 50 degrees by early to midafternoon. a lot of clouds beginning to move in. by sunset at 4:22. back down to the 40s. then down to the low 40s by midnight under a cloudy sky tonight. during the day on tuesday, looks to be a cloudy day tomorrow. just a small chance of a sprinkle. highs reaching the upper 40s from morning lows in the mid-30s. then on wednesday, rain likely. does look like a rain system coming our way on wednesday. we'll be on the warm side of that storm. it will be warming into the 50s
5:53 am
during the day. that rain should end wednesday evening. thursday partly sunny. afternoon highs mid-50s. late thursday night into friday morning, we have a possibility of some rain again. highs in the 50s on friday afternoon with sun back. then more rain perhaps on saturday for christmas eve. does look like it's going to be too warm for any snow. for christmas day, we'll be clearing out. highs in the 40s. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> not so bad, but volume is definitely increasing. let's start with inner loop of the beltway around route 1. the tail lights getting packed but still a good travel speed. outer loop not bad but getting busy as you head towards new hampshire avenue. no accidents to report at this time, which is a good sign. traveling i-95 at fairfax county parkway northbound, starting to hit the brakes at fairfax county parkway. not seeing any accidents in the roadways if you're traveling in virginia on i-95 in either direction. continuing on to 395, this is
5:54 am
the view at edsall. in fact, if you're making your way from the beltway all the way to the 14th street bridge on 395, you're in the clear. seeing a little volume as you make your way across the bridge, no major delays just yet. i'm back in ten minutes with another look at your traffic as well as the rails. now back to you both. >> danella, thanks. a traffic alert as you head out the door this morning. expect slow going in northeast washington if you use benning road to get to work. ddot is beginning the final phase of construction work in the center of the street between 39th and 42nd streets northeast. crews will be stripping the road's surface so it can be repaved. traffic will be moving single file along the sidewalks in both sides. ddot hopes to have the project finished by mid-february. >> those charities who provide emergency services like food and shelter are seeing a drop in donations as more people look to them for help. a nonprofit research group found the donations of food, cash, and
5:55 am
other materials are flat or dropped for most nonprofits in 2011. many food pantries and shelters cut their services because of so much demand and not enough donations. however, the study did find an increase in contributions to larger charities. it's here. it is the final week of holida ' shopping before christmas. more people are turning to the internet to do their shopping, but that is expected to slow down. research firm comscore found online sales are up 15% so far compared to last year. shoppers spent $30.9 billion online from november 1st through december 16th. that's up $3 billion from the same time last year. online sales surpassed $1 billion on four days last week. holiday procrastinators, you could find great bargains right before christmas. reports 41% of consumers will shop between tomorrow and christmas eve.
5:56 am
43% say they believe they'll find the best discounts. shoppers could lower their prices right before christmas. they say it's better to give than to receive. >> you really know the meaning of that line if you receive a gift you don't like. the new survey by consumer reports says there's a 20% chance you will not like one of your gifts this year. those surveyed say the gift that you least like most often will come from your in-laws. what do you do with it? give it back to them. the most popular choice it to donate it. however, many admit to regifting or just throwing gifts away. don't throw it away. >> that's not nice. bah humbug. >> give it to somebody else. >> someone who needs it perhaps. along the lines of shopping, this holiday season your kids' toys are going to be much safer than years fast. the consumer products safety commission has put in place new guidelines to ensure lower
5:57 am
levels of lead and cadmium in toys. as of january 1st, all children's products are going to have to go through independent third party testing. the more stringent tests are to avoid a repeat of 2007. that's when most products were recalled because of high levels of lead. >> these are laboratories that test for lead, for cadmium, for other types of substances that, do drop tests to make sure you don't have small parts that come loose so a small child has a choking hazard. >> the cpsc has also provided a website so consumers can report problems and get company responses. go to and just a reminder, liz crenshaw puts toy recalls and everything on the website as well. we always have that information available for consumers. >> good information. make sure you get safe toys for your kids, your grandchildren, r
5:58 am
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